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About Us

Culture of YOKO:

    We adore "cooperation and sharing". Enterprises, employees, suppliers, partners, and customers are all cooperative relationships, and we reject bureaucracy and hierarchy. We come together for the sake of common dreams and hobbies. We enjoy the sense of achievement in our work and the joy of learning and sharing with each other.

    We adore quality thinking, adhere to the craftsman spirit of water drop stone wear, and constantly polish technology and product experience details. We work hard side-by-side, develop and create products that everyone loves, and we pride ourselves on giving users a wonderful experience.


Code of conduct:

    1. Strictly observe good deeds: Everyone in YOKO should have a good heart, and must not make damages to colleagues, suppliers, fellow traders, customers, and society for business and personal interests.

    2. Strict integrity: Everyone in YOKO should be honest and must not lose faith in employees, suppliers, customers and society.

    3. Rules of words and deeds: No exaggeration and words hurt colleagues, suppliers, customers, peer friends.

    4. Responsibility: Always be responsible for products and work, focus on every detail of them, be responsible for polishing the details of each product, and be responsible for every job.