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Product information


Aggressive performance of scanning 1D and 2D codes; 

Supports multiple interfaces: USB, RS232, TTL, Wiegand, RS485; 

Compact construction; 

Easy Integration.

Application Market: 

Medical diagnostic and analytical equipment;
Rail, airport, resort, event, car park  and border control access control kiosks;
Lottery terminals/ticket checkers; e-voting machines;
Retail point-of-sale self-checkout equipment;
Smart lockers;
Banking ATMs;
In-vehicle ticket validators used in buses, subways and trains.

Scan Technology: 2D Coms; 

Resolution: 640*480; 

Illumination: White LED

Scan Rate: 120 fps; 

Decode Capacity: All common 1D and 2D codes; 

Protocol: Serial port; 

SDK: Windows, Linux, IOS, Android; 

Interface: USB, RS232, TTL, Wiegand, RS485; 

Typical Scan Range : 

    UPC-13mil : 1~7 cm 

    Code39 20mil: 4~9cm 

    Code39 6mil: 2~4cm 

    QR Code 20mil: 0~7cm